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How can building analytics add bottom-line value to your property assets?

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Large buildings contain a wealth of data within their various systems and equipment, however, this data is only useful if it is captured and turned into actionable information.

CIM’s PEAK platform collects and analyses all the available building data, across your portfolio — including equipment IoT sensors, HVAC, lift and electricity feeds, BMS and NMI feeds, weather data and people data — and transforms it into valuable information to pinpoint inefficiencies and opportunities for asset improvement. Our end-to-end building analytics solution gives you powerful insights, in real-time, to optimise and drive more value from your assets.


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CIM’s PEAK building analytics platform helps you make faster and better building management decisions for a more efficient, sustainable and profitable future.


Building Performance Tracker


PEAK gives you the ability to recognise top-performing buildings and teams by making it easy for you to compare individual building performance, encourage collaboration and set and track consistent targets and metrics.


Economic Impact Tracker


Measure the impact of operational improvements with PEAK. Track building and portfolio OPEX savings and asset valuation increases.


Competitor Portfolio Benchmarking


PEAK tracks how your entire portfolio is performing against the industry and your peers. This advanced building analytics insight provides an ability to compare portfolios and also deep dive into individual buildings. Now you can set and track your own targets with a clear understanding of industry benchmarks.